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Home cooking at its finest!

Choose from one of our packages, or design your own menu.

o   Choice of (2) meats, (1) vegetable, (1) side dish, salad, and rolls & butter.  $11.99

o   Choice of (3) meats, (2) vegetable, (2) side dish, salad, and rolls & butter.  $16.99 (also including free cutting and plating of the wedding cake) Extra meat or side dish is $2.00 per person.

**Food is setup as buffet style with china (at Antlers Ballroom only), or if you prefer, heavy duty plates, napkins,  silverware for additional charge of $1.00 per person.**


Meat Entrées

o   Sliced Roast Beef

o   Meat or Vegetable Lasagna

o   Lemon Pepper Boneless/Skinless Chicken

o    Kielbasa & Sauerkraut

o   Rosemary Sliced Pork

o   Roasted Turkey in gravy

o   Breaded Assorted Fried Chicken

o   Chicken Paprikas

o   Stuffed cabbage Rolls

o   Honey Ham

Vegetable Entrées

Green Beans with bacon  o Broccoli in cheese sauce   oHoney Carrots  oCalifornia Blend veggies

Sweet Corn  o Four Bean (Wax, Green, Yellow, String & Carrots)

Side Dishes

o Seasoned Rice     oMashed Potatoes with gravy     o Red Skinned Potatoes with parsley butter

oScalloped Potatoes      oO’Brien Potatoes      oAlfredo Noodles

oRigatoni ( Vegetarian or Meat)     oPotato Salad     oBaked Beans     oCabbage & Noodles     oMacaroni Salad     oMacaroni & Cheese



o   Assorted Cheese & Crackers

o   Swedish Meatballs

o   Crab dip with Crackers

o   Veggie Tray with Dill Dip

o   Relish Trays

o   Shrimp and Dip

                                                             (additional $2.00 charge per person)


Two appetizers: $3.00 per person       Additional Appetizer: $ 1.50 per person

We also cater for small gatherings, work luncheons, wedding showers, or ect..


Luncheon Menu

o   Choice of (1) meats, (2) side dish.  $7.00 o   Choice of (2) meats, (3) side dish.  $9.00

Extra meat and side. $ 1.00 per person




o   Chicken Noodle o   Potato Dumplings o   Granny bean o   Cream of Mushroom

$2.50 per person

o   Red Sweet Spicy Chili o   White Chicken Chili o   Cream of Broccoli o   Chicken Pot Pie


Meat Entrées


o   Lunch Meat Croissants o   Chicken Salad Croissants o   Meat & Cheese Tray

 (includes 3 meats & 3 cheeses , breads & condiments)


o   Egg Salad Croissants o   Swedish Meatballs o   Tuna Salad Croissants

Side Dishes

< >Potato Salad           o   Macaroni SaladAssorted cheese and crackers with dip     o   Pasta SaladFresh vegetables with dill dip        o   Fresh Fruit with cream cheese dipRelish Tray  o   Crab salad with crackersBroccoli Grape SaladDeserts are also available.< >Assorted Baked Fresh Cookies      o   Brownies with or without icingApple Walnut Cake o   Pumpkin RollsAssorted Christmas Cookies (during holiday season)


Disposable table settings for additional charge. $1.50 per person*If there are different food items that you desire, we can also provide then for you.

There will be a $15.00 charge (Per table) for the setup of a (8) seat long or round table with table cloths and napkins

< >Pricing only reflects for the food and delivery, not the cleanup for your event.Servers are an additional charge

Luncheon Menu
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